Elegant & Personalized Retreat for the whole YOU

Travel to Milos, Greece with Haleh Gianni & Nurture Your Nature

September 6 – 12, 2020

Genuinely Exquisite. Personally Crafted. Pure Elegance. 

For The Bold, Brave, and Bright Modern Woman Ready to Embark on a Journey of Excavating Her Authenticity in The Most Remarkable Ways.

A Retreat Designed Around YOUR Nature

Why Modern Women Retreats?

Every woman is uniquely incredible. So when it’s time for her to honor herself and get away for a week, she deserves a trip that recognizes her intricacies and caters to her authenticity. Our retreats are personalized to refresh her mind, fuel her body, and align her inner being. It is time for an unforgettable getaway to a stunning island in Greece that brings out every woman’s inner goddess and nurtures her unique nature.

To create an enjoyable experience for our guests, we arrange each retreat based on travel compatibility, level of commitment, and openness to cultivating self-love. 

Through an advanced and comprehensive human assessment technology called The ULT®, aka The Ultimate Life Tool®, we design intentional programs and itineraries that provide optimum results, leaving each guest feeling truly rejuvenated.

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Feed The Mind

During the retreat, we go through several techniques for practicing mindfulness, personal development, communication enhancement, relationship improvement, demonstrating self-love, and honoring individual differences. There will be daily intentions, supportive lessons, and group activities to prepare the mind for a more enjoyable and flourishing life.

Feed The Body

Physical well-being and mobility are necessary components of the retreat. The body must move, dance, relax, stretch, and flex to support and fully integrate mental growth and expansion. It’s also a lot of fun. We will have daily stretches, walks, jogs, and Buti Yoga (a dynamic asana practice fused with primal movement, tribal dance, and deep core engagement).

Feed The Soul

We blossom when we’re present, at peace, and in deep serenity. As part of the retreat, we practice meditation, breathing exercises, read excerpts from intentional books and poems, explore the island, learn about the history of the local areas, engage in meaningful conversations, laugh, cry (if we need to),  gaze into the stars, listen to music, and let our inner-child express itself freely.

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