One of the most frequently asked questions about the ULT technology is, “Why do I need to take the assessment at least once every six months?” The answer is simple. You are alive. You are growing, adjusting to circumstances and changing every day. Your motivation, tolerance level, perception and how you view life are effected by conditions surrounding you.
As human beings, we are by-products of Nature manifest. The elements or characteristics that define nature also define us. Life also deals us the unexpected. We get married, get pregnant, start a new job, move, fall ill, get injured, experience the loss of a loved one, divorce, wrestle with teens in crisis, go to war, win the lottery, and the list goes on. All of these will impact how much energy you have and how you tolerate others. Often we lose so much energy trying to do life that we lose touch with ourselves. Movement in this direction will show up when you retake the test. Being able to address it early spares you from future decline. It keeps you on the road and in a direction that is healing and favorable for recovery.
Sometimes we need to check in with ourselves more often than every six months. I suggest every three months or quarterly if you notice that you are not reaching your goals and experiencing some form of joy on a weekly basis. If you have experienced a major trauma to your life experience, then it is essential to take it so we can immediately evaluate how you are managing the change before it derails you. Situations like the above mentioned such as infidelity, loss of a child or public humiliation will necessitate a re-evaluation even if only days have passed since the last.
We are like vehicles transporting our thoughts around in this lifetime. Life’s upsets can be a human fender bender or total you. Keep in mind, the ULT test only takes 10 minutes. Ten minutes can put you back on the road and headed in the right direction. Additionally, I recommend that you have every test reviewed by a Certified ULT Specialist. A one on one session reviewing your results with your ULT practitioner can change your life from chaos to calm… and YOU are so worth it!
Z. Hackett
Founder and Leading ULT Authority
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