When it comes to psychometric tools, Human Resources and Talent Management entities are often faced with a new rendition of the same song. The use of yet another assessment tool leaves them little to be applied in the workplace or at home. The long term benefits in terms of team building and resource placement are often short lived. When it comes to developing Human Potential understanding one’s true nature vs. their thoughts and values far surpasses their ability to operate at their optimum. 505 Living specializes in an advanced, multi-dimensional, comprehensive and accredited technology, The ULT® to deliver real programs in real time. I order to maintain a competitive edge and meet company objectives, businesses are refining and polishing their infrastructure. A key part of that business optimization and sustainability, is understanding what each employee needs to thrive within a work environment and recognizing the elements of the business that create toxicities and derail employees. Prior to achieving my specialization in the ULT® technology, I spent 12 years in corporate America in project management and engineering departments.

Although the work environments varied from legacy cubicle settings and development processes to agile, flexible,  and open-concept, one key factor that remained the same was human relationships. Every time there is a human in the equation understanding the uniqueness in how we naturally connect, communicate, and operate adds a new level of understanding and respect for each other’s differences. My passion is to help companies and individuals rise to their full potential through a non-judgmental and objective methodology that not only produces an applicable Performance Optimization Plan for businesses, it coaches executives and leaders in the company to enhance their operation through maximizing on human potential while maintaining the integrity of the organization. Contact: Haleh@505Living.com for a detailed press-kit and objectives.