Most of us are far too familiar with breakups, the heartaches, and moving on when the relationship isn’t going anywhere. There are all kinds of breakups and depending on which side of the table you’re sitting at; it’s going to evoke different types of emotions and challenges. The reality is that breakups aren’t easy, they are painful and take a lot out of you. Given that we all process breakups differently, below are some general tips that can help you move onward and forward. Before you continue reading, please ask yourself: how important is it for me to put this relationship behind me and focus on my direction in life?

So now if you’re ready, please read on.

The good news is that there are ways you can ease the process of moving on and prepare yourself for a BETTER LIFE & a BETTER YOU.
1) Remove items from your surroundings that remind you of your ex: pictures on your cell phone and computer, photo albums, picture frames, social media sites (this is big. I will address it below), gifts and any other items that hold memories from the past relationship. The reason for this is to help you open up space physically, mentally, and emotionally for a new journey and not to be held back by your past.
2) Redecorate your living space: It is so important to change our living space once in a while especially after a breakup. It gives you a fresh look at your life, the part which you have control over. Add a new decorative piece to your bedroom and don’t forget to light up a beautifully scented candle while you’re relaxing at home.
3) Beware of those who you ask about the breakup: Our words have a lot of power over all, and they direct our mood and energy throughout the day. The more you speak of your past, the longer you’ll stay there. We lose time and energy when we are attached to our story and dwell on who said what and who did what. Choose your words wisely and more importantly choose the conversations you entertain with care.
4) Eat at new restaurants, change your scenery & meet new people:
It is common to have established a routine with your ex. Re-visiting the same places won’t allow you to heal and move on. It’s like playing the same movie in your head over and over again. Let it be your time to explore new places, new activities and people to surround yourself. It’s like creating a masterpiece on a new blank canvas. Take the brush and go at it.
5) Remove your ex from Social Media:
With Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc., we are very much involved in each other’s lives. Seeing your ex’s status updates, new picture postings, and comments are just going to aggravate and distract you all day long. Once the relationship has dissolved, so should all online and offline ties.  You need to give yourself every opportunity to clear your head and heal your heart.
6) Listen to happy/feel good music: Music heals. Music speaks our emotions. Although all those sad love songs resonate with you at the moment, they won’t help you feel better. What you need is to hear upbeat music and perhaps try different artists. Exercising while listening to more positive music will help you feel energized and motivated. Avoid sad love songs, period.
7) Do not communicate with your ex. Friendship with the ex could confuse the situation as an avenue of hope for getting back together: In most cases, friendship with the ex is always going to be awkward and unrealistic. It’s almost an excuse to be involved in each other’s lives even though both of you should begin living your separate lives. However, staying in our comfort zone and wanting to have accessibility to our ex is often very common. Let me tell you; it isn’t best for you. It will keep you trapped in the same dilemmas that broke up the relationship in the first place.
Implementing these seven steps in your daily life will help you get through your breakup with a stronger attitude and a courageous outlook into your own life. Always remember though, that you are unique and your uniqueness plays a huge role in how you individually process information and endure trials of life. Should you want to understand yourself better and find ways that help you transition emotionally from one life path to another, schedule a consultation call on or email