The world is made up of 7.3 billion people who are as unique as their thumbprints. Being able to understand what these differences mean in respect to behavior, motivation, communication & tolerance can pave the way for success in every platform of life.

Personal Coaching

Self Improvement

Increase your enthusiasm and energy. Move toward life enhancing experiences. Make decisions that suit you best. Create a meaningful and high quality lifestyle. Learn about what makes your heart sing and what to do with it. Let go of external expectations and feed what truly motivates you.  

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Identify what works and doesn’t work in your relationships, from a different perspective. Learn about the role your personal preferences and boundaries play in your relationships. Make conscious and aware choices on whether to embark or disembark. Replace false expectations with clear standards.

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Compatibility Assessment

Experience a visual display of similarities and differences in personal dispositions. Gain a new insight on why you and others do what they do, the way they do them. Cultivate a newfound respect for each other’s differences. Develop a space where differences can breathe and benefit the whole.

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Conflict Resolution

Overcome disagreements, judgments, and misunderstandings by assessing the clarity of thought and space of all parties involved. Reach a destination where neutrality is achieved and the right action is taken to achieve the desired outcome.

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Business Coaching

Hiring & Talent Evaluation

Identify and make the most suitable hire for the job and the team based on the results of The ULT Assessment.  Analyze the compatibility of the candidate in comparison to your company culture and mode of operation. Increase your employee retention rate.

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Team Building

Create teams of talents that naturally compliment one another based on the differences and similarities of each individual. Increase the supportiveness and cohesiveness of the team. Develop a plan and a strategy to ensure the integrity and clarity of the team remains intact.

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Performance Improvement

Improve the flow of productivity and quality of work. Maintain energy and motivation level in the workplace. Set goals that bring out the best in your team. Identify areas of incompatibility and develop the right strategy that will create a win-win for everyone.  

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Executive Coaching

Receive a comprehensive report and training to understand the natural traits, motivation, boundaries and communication styles of each employee and the executive team. Enhance the management methodologies to make better choices on roles and responsibilities that naturally suit each individual.

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