Executive Coaching

Receive a comprehensive report and training to understand the natural traits, motivation, boundaries and communication styles of each employee and the executive team. Enhance the management methodologies to make better choices on roles and responsibilities that naturally suit each individual.

To maintain a competitive edge and ensure the success of a company, the executive team must be equipped with objective metrics to track progress and identify areas of improvement. One of the most common and costly challenges to businesses today is the disconnect between the higher management team and the spiraling effect it can have on employees.

Implementing The ULT Assessment, along with the supportive services of 505 Living, significantly increases performance and productivity within the management team.

What You Can Improve

  • Leadership Development
  • Business/Life Balance
  • Conscious Management Style
  • Professional Transitions
  • Communication Between Cross Functional Teams

On-site & 1-On-1 Management Training

Haleh Gianni can be booked for corporate retreats, team building events, one hour Lunch & Learn, or leadership training. The design of services for each venue can be customized to meet your needs.

The content of the training offers practical and relevant solutions to overcome any challenges within the workplace and remove obstacles between the executives and decision makers.

1-On-1 Consultation and Group Training

Participants in The ULT Assessment® receive their private consultation as well as their 7-9 page report.

One on one meetings are private and focus on addressing areas of awareness and improvement.

Group sessions are open platforms to display the origin of motivation and management style.

Recommendations are made for evaluating the management staff and their associated teams.

The training cost is based on the number of attendees and the size of the company. For evaluation and a customized proposal, please contact us.