Hiring & Talent Evaluation

Make the most suitable hire for the job and the team, based on the result of The ULT Assessment. Analyze compatibility in comparison to your company culture and mode of operation. Increase your employee retention rate and company growth.

Deciding on the most qualified candidate who will be an asset to your company can be a challenging process. Identifying necessary skills for the job is the fundamental groundwork for effective recruiting. However, to gain a competitive edge and build successful professional relationships, companies are not only looking for the right skills, but they also want the right person with the right skills.

A good hire can save your company capital, increase team morale, and improve productivity and performance.

What You Can Achieve

  • Ongoing positive impact on work environment
  • Increase in employee productivity & performance
  • Supportive teams & stronger work relationships
  • Enhanced work culture & employee retention
  • Accomplish greater goals with motivation & enthusiasm

Today, HR and Hiring Executives have many choices when it comes to methodologies and psychometric tools to assist them in identifying the most suitable candidate for the job. Whereas most of these techniques focus on the behavior and personality of the candidate, there is an advanced method of assessing human potential and performance; addressing one’s nature and how they interact with others.

At 505 Living, Haleh Gianni works with businesses of all sizes to give them access to a quick and easy system that assesses a candidate beyond his/her resume. The information learned about an individual’s traits and capabilities, communication style,  tolerance, and perception allows hiring managers to make the best choice for the job and the existing team.

The process is QUICK & EASY. It’s only 3 STEPS.

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  2. Candidate participates in a 10 minute online ULT Assessment
  3. Employer receives a comprehensive Tele-Consultation addressing
    • Natural Traits & Capabilities of the candidate as they relate the job posting
    • Evaluation of the Communication Style, Tolerance and Motivation pertaining to how they would fit with the existing team


  1. $250 Per Candidate Assessment
  2. More savings are available for higher quantities: Blocks of 25 or more Assessments – $220 per Assessment