Performance Improvement

Improve the flow of productivity and quality of work. Maintain energy and motivation level in the workplace. Set goals that bring out the best in your team. Identify areas of incompatibility and develop the right strategy that will create a win-win for everyone.

Performance improvement plans are only effective when the unique traits of the individual are taken into account. In order for motivation and desire to improve with lasting effects, assigned goals must tap into the natural talents and capabilities of the individual.

Decreased productivity and energy levels in the workplace are often the result of broken communication, misaligned roles and unreasonable goals. When each talent is given opportunities to perform on a task that authentically drives them, their motivation level naturally rises.

505 Living facilitates a comprehensive assessment of individuals called P.O.P. Reports, also known as Performance Optimization Plans. These are created for the executive and management team to better understand needed areas of focus for long lasting performance improvement. Guidelines are provided to create meaningful goals and adjust roles within the company so that success is the inevitable outcome.

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What You Can Achieve

  • Setting Appropriate Roles & Goals
  • Adjusting Expectations & Daily Tasks
  • Identifying The Source of Compromise in Performance
  • Evaluating Projects and Assigned Teams/Individuals

Pricing varies based on the number of participants in the assessment process and performance optimization plan.

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