Team Building

Create teams of talents that naturally compliment one another based on the differences and similarities of each individual. Increase the supportiveness and cohesiveness of the team. Develop a plan and a strategy to ensure the integrity and clarity of the team remains intact.

The success and longevity of any entity is directly impacted by the relationship of  everyone involved. The more we maintain the integrity and clarity of these relationships, the more productive and fulfilling the workplace becomes. However, It takes more than impressive resume to build a flourishing team of individuals and a supportive atmosphere for goals to be achieved and missions to be accomplished.

By utilizing the knowledge from The ULT Assessment, along with implementing the 505 Living practices, you can build a team that can quickly identify where to place their energy and focus and work synergistically to create the greatest impact in the most efficient way.

According to Forces Insight: Essential Tools of Talent Management, Bill Miller suggests:

“The shift from an ad hoc to a strategic talent management program can greatly aid a company in the achievement of its business objectives”.

Even the most brilliant and well-constructed business ideas can’t promise success if a company falls short of injecting the right talent in the right team within the strategic plan. Forbes Thought Leadership in Action number one recommended essential tool for Talent Management (TM) is having objective metrics to understand each talent and know who to place where.”

What You Can Benefit From

  • On-site Company Seminar, Employee Retreat, Training Day
  • Team Assessment & Private Coaching Consultation with each member
  • Maintenance Evaluation & Consultations
  • Recommendations on Team Creation & Company Culture Development

Team Building Assessments can be done through private consultations with Haleh Gianni and the business owner or the management team, or through staff training and retreat offerings.

Contact us to receive a customized company proposal that will match your needs.

Pricing varies based on the number of the team and participants in the assessment process and training. Please inquire for a personalized proposal.