Compatibility Assessment

Experience a visual display of similarities and differences in personal dispositions. Gain a new insight on why you and others do what they do, the way they do them. Cultivate a newfound respect for each other’s differences. Develop a space where differences can breathe and benefit the whole.

What if you could eliminate conflict and misunderstanding before they even occurred?

What if you knew how to make decisions that would save you time, money and energy?

What if you could forecast in advance the potential of any relationship and make more conscious choices?

Every time there are human beings in the equation, we must consider our natural ability to navigate our differences without building resentment. Our habitual way of thinking creates expectations based on our own way of processing information. This can create misconceptions and/or goals that are simply unreasonable and short lived.

Through participating in The ULT Assessment, you can better understand and assess the situation and the person before embarking on a new endeavor or disembarking on an already established connection.

What You Can Improve!

  • Assessing Roommate Compatibility
  • Choosing a Travel or Life Partner
  • Business Partnership
  • Project Collaboration
  • Companionship Suitability

Here’s How It Works

It is recommended that each party participates in the assessment process and receives a private consultation to review their results.

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Pre-Paid Package of 6 Sessions: $1000-$1500
Pre-Paid Package of 12 Sessions: $2400-$2800
Pre-Paid Package of 24 Sessions: $4200-$4800
Single sessions can be booked on-demand. $275

Duration: 60 minutes per session
Sessions can be in-person, online, or on the phone.


All services must include participating in The ULT Assessment.

Prices vary when more than one person is participating in the ‘Compatibility Assessment.