Conflict Resolution

Overcome disagreements, judgments, and misunderstandings by assessing the clarity of thought and space of all parties involved. Reach a destination where neutrality is achieved and the right action is taken to achieve the desired outcome.

There are certain disagreements that seem unresolvable. They rob us of energy, time and money. They build resentment and create a chain of disappointments. But it doesn’t have be that way!

What if you could resolve conflict with ease and achieve peace?

What if you could really see where the other side is coming from without your preconceived perception of them?

What if you knew how to navigate through differences and even gain a newfound respect for your dissimilarities?

Most conflicts can be worked out once we have understood what our differences really mean, and how we can honor a breathing space for these differences to be expressed. Often times, conflicts are accompanied by emotional reactions and displays of toxic behavior. In situations where our most crucial relationships are compromised, it is imperative to be skilled at conflict resolution.

What You Can Improve

  • Mediation & Divorce Processing
  • Co-Parenting & Custody Agreements
  • Colleague and Management Conflict
  • Business Partnership Dissolutions
  • Family Dispute & Finance Distribution

Here’s How It Works

It is recommended that each party participates in the assessment process and receives a private consultation to review their results.

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Pre-Paid Package of 6 Sessions: $1000-$1500
Pre-Paid Package of 12 Sessions: $2400-$2800
Pre-Paid Package of 24 Sessions: $4200-$4800
Single sessions can be booked on-demand. $275

Duration: 60 minutes per session
Sessions can be in-person, online, or on the phone.


All services must include participating in The ULT Assessment.