Self Improvement

Increase your enthusiasm and energy. Move toward life enhancing experiences. Make decisions that suit you best. Create a meaningful and high quality lifestyle. Learn about what makes your heart sing and what to do with it. Let go of external expectations and feed what truly motivates you.

You are as unique as your thumbprint. No one else, not even your identical twin, is wired exactly the same as you. What makes you tick and inspires you; how you relate to your surroundings; how you respond to people, places and things are all part of this unique formula of you!

It is very common to find ourselves standing at a crossroad, confused about our situation, hitting too many roadblocks and needing just the right guidance to move forward. Often times, we seek advice from family, friends, colleagues, even those whom we look up to, yet find ourselves back where we started. That’s because we often tend to miss the most significant part of the equation: our own nature!

What works for others isn’t necessarily going to work for you! To create a life where you can bring out the best in yourself and those around you, despite any challenges or obstacles, is among the benefits of learning and growing with 505 Living.

What You Can Improve!

  • Self Development
  • Decision Making
  • Life Improvement
  • Career Discovery
  • Self Confidence
  • Parenting
  • Life Transitions
  • Motivation
  • Behavior

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Pricing is determined after the initial consultation and The ULT Assessment. Below are a few example of the rates. For more detailed and customized pricing, please contact Haleh Gianni.

Pre-Paid Package of 6 Sessions: $1000-$1500
Pre-Paid Package of 12 Sessions: $2400-$2800
Pre-Paid Package of 24 Sessions: $4200-$4800
Single sessions can be booked on-demand. $275

Duration: 60 minutes per session
Sessions can be in-person, online, or on the phone.


All services must include participating in The ULT Assessment.