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Interactive and Comprehensive Process to Guide Authentic Living Based on Personal Uniqueness...

Because Everyone Shines Differently

Welcome to 505 Living

A global life coaching practice that provides an inclusive platform for individuals to realize their innate talents, dispositions, communication styles, boundaries, and perception levels, so they can learn to embrace and honor their true nature and live an authentically fulfilling life.

Born as a result of my own journey to seek out a person or an entity that could help me navigate a rather difficult time of my own life. I quickly realized that clinical therapy was not moving at the speed I was hoping it would and was too focused on the past and personality diagnoses. At the same time, motivational coaching offered by general practices was too non-specific and homogenized. I needed something that could bridge the two distinct approaches to personal development.

After years of training in an advanced human behavior assessment and methodology, along with my diverse personal and professional background, I founded 505 Living; The methodology is objective, free of any biases or template-type solutions for accessing optimum potential. It’s a practical and straightforward approach that can help you quickly identify aspects of yourself and your situation that can be improved in measurable ways.

It is my pleasure to introduce you to this unique body of knowledge,

Premium Life Coaching

It's not just about human nature, it's the individual's nature.

We live in an era of instant access to information and system overload. People’s minds are on overdrive. The Personal Development industry is statured with ‘Do this’ and ‘Don’t do that.’ It’s difficult even for seekers of knowledge to be able to decipher between friend and foe, between what’s right with them, what’s right for them and what’s wrong for them.

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Haleh Gianni | 505 Living | Certified Life Coach | Relieve Stress | Better Decision Making | Online Appointments
Play Video about Haleh Gianni | 505 Living | Certified Life Coach | Relieve Stress | Better Decision Making | Online Appointments

I believe that every living being possesses certain innate talents and dispositions that are part of a blueprint for living authentically.

Together, we discover your nature’s role in how you relate, connect, and communicate with others. The results produce clarity, confidence, and courage to pursue an authentically fulfilling life.

“Haleh helped me realize my weaknesses and why I was so afraid of success and holding back by fear of disappointing myself and others. She helped me make a quantum leap towards my true purpose...

She was here when I needed to hear the harsh truth and not some kind of sugarcoated advice of someone who doesn’t truly know what it takes to transform one’s life. She’s the real deal and knows through her own experience and life lessons what really is necessary to make people reach their authentic potential. In a world where fake guidance is everywhere, Haleh is a genuine and powerful coach and that’s why she gets results and allows people to shine their light despite adversity. Thank you, Haleh!”

– Alex C.

About Haleh Gianni

A lifetime of navigating transitions.

Born in Iran, emigrated to Turkey, grew up in Los Angeles, graduated from Georgia State University, moved back to California to pursue a Master’s in Communication Management and to raise my son in San Diego – it’s been an adventure indeed. I am a former High-Tech Quality Assurance engineer turned certified Life Coach. Additionally, serving as a Trainer and Educator at The Y.O.U. Institute. Prior to becoming a Life Coach, I was leading software testing teams for several tech startups. I guess you can see the pattern there – I’m always after making improvements!

Today, I am honored to work with people from all over the world that are serious about making substantive positive changes. My clients have already demonstrated the courage to make a shift, now we’re putting in the work together to understand what those changes should be as they put forth the effort to achieve personal freedom and growth.

Some fun facts about Haleh

Music is my oxygen.
Basketball is a sport I grew up loving.
Being in Greece makes me feel aligned.
I achieve stillness of the mind while moving my body.
My favorite food is a colorful & flavorful plate.
Change excites me. Humans fascinate me.
Haleh Gianni | 505 Living | Certified Life Coach | Relieve Stress | Better Decision Making | Online Appointments
Haleh Gianni | 505 Living | Certified Life Coach | Relieve Stress | Better Decision Making | Online Appointments

“We all can tell when we have in front of us a person who is in their element, in presence with their calling. With Haleh Gianni I have never felt I was on a time frame, never felt unease or ignored...

Haleh has the genuine talent to deliver and express all within you, she listens and then shares her vision and wisdom in a quite clear and logical approach. There is a before and after in my personal and professional life. For here you find yourself in dialogue with your spiritual emotional side while reaching out with the tangible one.”

– Alejandro V.

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