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Understanding Individuality In a Distracted World

The Science of Our Physical Traits: Influencing How We Connect San Diego, CA (December 1, 2017) —  Our physicality holds great significance in revealing why we do what we do and how we do them. Every single physical attribute in an individual offers information about what motivates them, the kind of environment they can thrive...
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Overcoming Holiday Jitters

As soon as the holiday season rolls around, we inundate social media with ‘Happy Holidays’ and ‘Be Grateful’ messages. But rarely do we discuss the other side of the truth; the Holiday Jitters. The “I’m getting nervous” feeling is widespread among most Americans going into the holiday season, starting around Thanksgiving. It is exciting and...
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Affirmations For Self Care

Self-Talk Leads to Self-Care: The quality of your inner monologue determines the quality of your self-care. On average, we think somewhere around 50,000 thoughts per day. Most of them involve how we view ourselves and our worth. Their job is to trigger certain emotions which will then turn into outward responses and actions. We all...
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Healthy Relationships: Podcast Interview

Click HERE to listen to the entire podcast. In This Episode You Will Learn: Are you craving something in your life? You don’t quite know what it is… yet you know you’re not satisfied? Learn how to become naturally more ATTRACTIVE Why you need to UNSUBSCRIBE from what and who you think you should be The...
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Ways to move on after a Break-Up!

Most of us are far too familiar with breakups, the heartaches, and moving on when the relationship isn’t going anywhere. There are all kinds of breakups and depending on which side of the table you’re sitting at; it’s going to evoke different types of emotions and challenges. The reality is that breakups aren’t easy, they...
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Human ‘Operating Manual’: Why we should all get one!

It is incredibly liberating, empowering, uplifting and intriguing to know that we all have an ‘operating manual’ that offers a set of fundamental structures as to what we are and what we must pay attention to function as well-tuned machines. In our defense, no one has handed us this set of operating structures when entering...
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