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Enhance Each and Every One of Your Relationships, Starting with Yourself

It’s time to shift the focus from what’s wrong with you, to what’s right with you, and what’s right for you.

You are here to…

Identify the root cause of personal or professional stagnation, and reveal the right steps toward progress.

Recognize your innate talents and how to nourish them, so you can feel fully authentic, energized, and inspired.

Remove misconceptions you've formed about yourself and your relationships, to reduce stress and anxiety.

Learn a deeper understanding of communication and how to make more rewarding connections.

Move toward authenticity, while cleansing the accumulated toxicity of inauthentic thought patterns and behaviors.

Premium Life Coaching

My clients are seeking clarity.

At 505 Living, special attention is given to the very fundamental aspects of each person that are always with them regardless of their age, gender, profession, culture, and status. With such information, people naturally become more discerning about their self-care, mental well-being, and energy management.

Haleh Gianni | 505 Living | Certified Life Coach | Relieve Stress | Better Decision Making | Online Appointments
Haleh Gianni | 505 Living | Certified Life Coach | Relieve Stress | Better Decision Making | Online Appointments

“It took Haleh maybe 2 sessions to give me the tools I needed to maximize my strengths, live in the moment and enjoy every single thing that this beautiful life has to offer...

Haleh has a real passion for making an impact on people’s lives. I have never experienced this much growth in my entire life and I don’t think I will ever stop going to her for coaching. She is a true inspiration, a hard-working coach who is determined to make an impact on your life and a true master of her craft.”

– Tony B.

ULT Assessment | Haleh Gianni | 505 Living | Certified Life Coach | Relieve Stress | Better Decision Making | Online Appointments

ULT Assessment Technique

An approach that is measurable, quantifiable, and practical.

ULT Assessment | 505 Living | Certified Life Coach | Relieve Stress | Better Decision Making | Online Appointments

The Ultimate Life Tool (ULT) Assessment is a unique asset in my professional coaching toolkit. It is an advanced, cutting-edge technology that reveals natural traits and insight into innate behavior. The ULT technique aims at increasing the potential for fulfilling and happy relationships at home, at work, and beyond. Developed over 20 years of research and based on a knowledge grounded in science and natural laws, the assessment stands apart from its counterparts in the comprehensive and accurate measurement of distinct categories of human nature.

The Ultimate Life Tool® addresses five categories:

Reveals innate capabilities, natural dispositions, and necessary circumstances for optimum performance in life.

What “drives” a person, or motivates them to do the things they do and how these can get “fed” or honored so they can accomplish their goals and rise to their full potential.

An individual’s personal preferences and levels of tolerance in others and environments. With this information, we build relationships that are set up for success, be it at home or at work.

Identifies the ways we connect, relate, and download information.

Defines each individual’s personal approach to finding what is “working” or “not working” first and how they perceive life.

All guidance and advice given will come from studying your assessment results, along with your life conditions, influencing factors, and unique stimuli in your life. The goal is to provide clarity and an enhanced sense of awareness where you are able to connect the dots and experience profound levels of inner peace.

“I was blown away by how meaningful my assessment and session with Haleh was. I had never used this approach to learning about myself before, but I am definitely glad that I gave myself a chance to embrace it...

Haleh was very relatable, insightful, and compassionate. I have already started seeing noticeable improvements in how I view myself and my ability to handle crisis situations. Now that I am more aware of what my natural talents are, I am more open to nurturing them and being more true to myself. She helped me to begin regaining my confidence and empowered me to take charge of my own health.”

– Chris Y.

Life Skills Coach

No one ever hands you a manual on how to honor you.

Each individual is fundamentally different, no two people can benefit from the same advice given at the same time in their journey. When it comes to self-awareness, realizing our innate behavior, dispositions, tolerance level, perception, communication styles, and natural motivators – we all show up differently.

Because life is in a constant state of change and evolution, Premium Life Coaching is one that assures clients of ongoing preparation for such changes.

Keynote Speaking | Haleh Gianni | Certified Life Coach | Motivational Speaker
Haleh Gianni | 505 Living | Certified Life Coach | Relieve Stress | Better Decision Making | Online Appointments

Certified Life Coach

Haleh Gianni

As a life coach who is trained in identifying specific natural traits in each person, I can help you see your true nature, not as a flawed being who has to fit into a mold, but as a unique expression of nature who possesses certain needs and gifts that must be fed and realized for your life to flourish.

I bring my education, years of experience, and extensive training to our coaching sessions, so you can trust and value the wealth of knowledge that is getting transferred to you.

“Haleh has an uncanny ability to read through your bullshit to help you reflect on who you really are...

She helps you find what you need in your life to feel fulfilled, satisfied, and optimistic about the future. That shift in mindset has helped me regain my confidence, and inadvertently (somehow miraculously) my company’s performance is higher than it’s ever been.”

– Sam N.

Life Coach

Frequently Asked Questions

nature background | Haleh Gianni | 505 Living | Certified Life Coach | Relieve Stress | Better Decision Making | Online Appointments

As 505 Living serves clients across the globe – all life coaching sessions are held virtually via Zoom.

During our introduction call, we will discuss the most productive options that would work best for you. The steps after that are the proposal, payment processing, welcome form, and The ULT Assessment. We will then jump into booking your first official session!

505 Living is proud to serve clients from all over the globe. Our virtual Zoom coaching sessions allow us to work with clients from anywhere in the world.

The first step is to book a 30-minute consultation call with Haleh. The purpose of the consultation is for her to get to know you and assess whether or not there’s a good client-coach match.

Everyone and every life is different. There are a multitude of factors that determine how long an individual needs to be in coaching. As a benchmark, Haleh recommends a commitment to an initial ten-week program with one session per week. Beyond the tenth session, both Haleh and the client will determine the need to continue and work on other goals and aspirations.

Life Coaching is ideal for offering you clarity around your life and your sense of self. It helps with improvements in confidence, communication, and connection to others. It answers questions around ‘what is wrong with me?’, “why is my life the way that it is?’, ‘how do I make a difference in my life?’.

I have a BS in Biochemistry, an MS in Communication Management and the highest level of Life Coaching and Behavior Assessment certification from The Y.O.U. Institute as a Professional Life Coach and Trainer. My specialty is in understanding natural human behavior and individuality. I have a diverse background that spans from science to technology and human relations with over a decade in start-ups, team building and agile development methodology. My passion and drive have always circled back to human behavior and what motivates us on an individualized basis. I have been a coach since 2008.

My clients come from all professions, backgrounds and ages. Anytime there’s a human being in the equation I can be of help.

1. Know that there is not a cookie-cutter solution or answer to your questions. We are all as unique as our thumbprints. What works for me, may not work for you. So when selecting a Life Coach, you want to evaluate their methodology and make sure that they have a way of understanding you beyond your past history or what you may perceive of yourself.

2. Find out if the coach is willing to have a free phone or video conferencing consultation with you. If it is important that you talk first before making a commitment.

3. If you’re looking for a career development coach, it is important that the individual is familiar with the industry you’re interested in exploring and/or has an understanding of the nature of that profession.

1. Your commitment to learning a new way of approaching your life and your relationships is very important. Before investing in a Life Coach, ask yourself: how committed am I?

2. Think about your availability to put in the work. My coaching sessions are very interactive and require your attention as well as participation in taking the right kind of action.

3. It is important to reduce the negative influences around you while you’re focusing on you. Take an inventory of your life right now. Are you distracted by something or someone? Are you in a toxic relationship? or are the people around you supportive of your personal growth? These are important questions to ask yourself. Either way, you definitely want to discuss them with your coach.

4. Lastly, I am so proud of you for seeking help, guidance and ways to enhance your life. You got the first step covered.

During the introductory consultation, we will discuss how soon you’d like to get started. Typically, your first online session is scheduled within ten days of your acceptance of the proposal.

Book an Introductory Consultation

Thirty minutes is all it takes to begin your pursuit of the life you deserve to live.