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Haleh is a seasoned speaker and presenter on a body of knowledge that provides her audiences a refreshing perspective on personal development that evokes deep reflection resulting in an immediate sense of clarity and self-confidence.

Her presentations are thought-provoking, refreshing, inclusive, unbiased, and objective. Her audiences walk away from their experience feeling seen, understood, respected, and inspired to honor their nature.

Over the last decade, Haleh has dedicated herself to helping people from all walks of life and all corners of the planet realize their nature beyond the external influences that have shaped their personalities. It’s been her privilege to be an invited speaker at a wide range of online and in-person events, for both corporate and organizational programs.

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The biggest challenge in human relationships is a lack of integrated understanding of each other's differences and needs based on innate traits.

Imagine how beneficial it would be to have an foundational operating manual that highlights your most natural habitat, communication styles, and motivators? You’d start making more appropriate decisions for yourself and adjust your goals to rise from the place of authenticity. As part of one’s growth and personal evolution, it’s vital to know how to best self-manage and stay grounded.

Keynote Speaking | Haleh Gianni | Certified Life Coach | Motivational Speaker
Keynote Speaking | Haleh Gianni | Certified Life Coach | Motivational Speaker

Her keynotes offer aha-moments that leave the audience with a sense of clarity that helps them realize what is uniquely right for them in terms of what it takes to be truly successful in life, at business, and in love.

Haleh makes the course all that it is. Her delivery and presentation were very personable and entertaining. She held my attention throughout the entire evening and I feel that I learned a lot based on her ability to deliver the material in an “easy to understand” fashion...

She is a lovely person, inside and out – and has a very personable way of talking with each member of the audience. I really enjoyed my evening at her course and meeting all of the other people who were drawn to taking the time to explore their own identities. It was one of those events that helps you to take a mental breather – and to gain clarity on your life… which is totally priceless!”

– CeCe E H. | San Diego, CA

Keynote Speaking

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Keynote Speaking | Haleh Gianni | Certified Life Coach | Motivational Speaker
Keynote Speaking | Haleh Gianni | Certified Life Coach | Motivational Speaker

In today’s world of possibilities and abundant opportunities, to hustle without attaining personal alignment can only take you so far. The key is to identify what being aligned looks and feels like for each person. Learning the signs and clues that fuel motivation on an individual basis is the path to fulfillment and meaningful success.

Everyone possesses specific innate attributes that lead to developing their purpose, meaning, and potential in life. Both Nature and nurture contribute to revealing our natural talents, tolerance levels, and specific needs to thrive. Participants learn invaluable insight into their self-awareness, communication skills, and decision-making approaches.

Setbacks, roadblocks, and stress factors are inevitable. How we manage adversities and respond to daily challenges is vital in being energy efficient. Participants learn specific and dynamic tools to become better self-monitors, instead of self-critiques, so they can maintain a healthy momentum to find solutions and move forward in life.

The definition of success in life, be it in business or love, is often influenced by societal norms and measures. However, the outcome produced by only following a cookie-cutter expectation of success typically lacks personal clarity and connection leading to burnout and doubt. Staying true to yourself means knowing how to maintain your integrity to create meaningful achievements along the way. It’s a journey; you might as well truly enjoy it.

Certified Life Coach and Speaker

Haleh Gianni

Haleh Gianni, the founder of 505 Living, LLC, is a certified Life and Relationship Coach. With over a decade in practice, she helps her clients understand their natural behavior, perception, tolerance, and communication styles so that they can live a more authentic, inspired life. Her unique approach to coaching and personal development has made lasting positive changes in people’s lives. She believes that human nature is distinct in each person, and that understanding these unique attributes can lead to fulfilling decisions, stronger relationships, and meaningful accomplishments in life. Going through several career changes, relocations, starting a business, and raising her son, Haleh realizes how critical it is to have the right tools for managing life and relationships.

Haleh is the author of The 505 Mind: A 30-day mental detox manual. She’s a speaker, trainer, consultant, and mentor. Her workshops and seminars offer a comprehensive insight into resolving challenges with self-love, productivity, and relationships both at home and in business.

Keynote Speaking | Haleh Gianni | Certified Life Coach | Motivational Speaker

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