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How To Create Your ‘I AM’ Board

Did you know that the two most powerful words in any language are I AM?

I AM… Go ahead and fill in the blank!

Did you know that the two most powerful words in any language are I AM? This is because any other word that follows it, will speak for you, represent you, determine where you are in life and ultimately shape your reality.

Our experiences in life have a lot to do with who we claim we are, how we speak of ourselves and announce our significance to the world.

Before anything major can happen in your life, you must be aligned with your desires. This means your words, your emotions, your representations must be in harmony with that desire. Here’s an example, if you’re focused on traits and qualities that you’ve been lacking, or what you have come to accept as your “flaws”, you are most likely speaking of those flaws on daily basis. You are making a bigger announcement than a harmless chat with your friend or co-worker. A mentor of mine once said to me, “words have wings and they create things. Be very cautious of the words you speak!”. So in order to align ourselves to our desires, we must first adjust the mind and the focus to build self-confidence and readiness for that which we want to experience.

The purpose of creating an ‘I AM’ board is to reconnect yourself with your essence, your character traits that do you have (now), who you want to be, and how you see yourself if no one had ever judged you for anything.

Here are the steps:

  1. You can make this board any size you want. Mine is an 8 x 11 sheet.
  2. Type or hand-write I AM in a font style of your choice and place it on the center of your board.
  3. Look through magazines and newspapers for words that would follow ‘I AM’. Take a few hours/days to collect just words. You can also, write them up and add them to your board.
  4. Get creative with how you want to style your board. This is going to be unique to you. However, you are compelled to create it, is the right way!
  5. Once you have all your words and feel ready that you have enough, start gluing.
  6. You can laminate your board or frame it. The point is, protect it and put it somewhere that is visible.

I AM pleased that you have visited my site and are eager to start your I AM project!

It’s time to shift the focus from what’s wrong with you, to what’s right with you, and what’s right for you.

Let’s inspire your pursuit of the life you deserve to live.

30-Minutes is all that’s needed to begin your journey.