The 505 Mind



A 30-Day Intensive, 60 Steps for Mornings and Evenings, and Follow up Emails: To Nourish Your Mind and Prepare a Path to The Well-being that You Deserve.
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This book is a collection of step by step instructions for 30 days to improve your mood, motivation, and attitude towards yourself and life. Through a practical guidance system along with daily affirmations, the author offers a unique approach to overall well-being and well-feeling. The 505 Mind combines mindfulness techniques with self-monitoring and attention-gauging methods to reverse the state of mental distraction and exhaustion. This a one-stop shop to upgrade your life, starting with your mind.

“The 505 Mind™ is a golden key to self-empowerment. Haleh shows you how to systematically transform your inner narrative to remove mental barriers, cleanse the psyche, and propel you toward your best life.”

Charles L. Richards, Ph.D., Author of Karmic Relationships

“In this book, Haleh Gianni distills a great deal of information from research on meditation, mindfulness, relaxation techniques, cognitive behavioral therapy (including self-monitoring and reinforcement), behavior, attitude, and nutrition. This program will benefit anyone attempting to expand or improve their daily living, who has a quest for understanding what they are thinking and feeling, and it will assist them in their goals to achieve – as Haleh Gianni calls it – an “upgraded mindset that allows for a healthy, balanced, and enriched life.”

Debra A. Murphy, Ph.D.Department of Psychiatry
University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA)