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Affirmations For Self Care

When faced with adversity or at a crossroads in life, give yourself some breathing room and repeat these statements to yourself.

Self-Talk Leads to Self-Care

The quality of your inner monologue determines the quality of your self-care. On average, we think somewhere around 50,000 thoughts per day. Most of them involve how we view ourselves and our worth. Their job is to trigger certain emotions which will then turn into outward responses and actions. We all know how important it is to monitor how we talk to ourselves. But when it gets to pivoting from self-sabotaging chatters to the empowering kind of self-talk, we tend to drop the ball. One of the most common reasons for this is the auto-pilot way of thinking. When you don’t CHOOSE your thoughts, you leave your life up to CHANCE. Although there are many techniques and systems in place to help you cultivate a new kind of awareness, I have found that the right kind of affirmations can go a long way.

Affirmations are statements usually constructed in the present tense to declare something as you desire it to be. The significance of impregnating the mind with positive thoughts lies in its power to synchronize one’s consciousness to the manifested reality of the desired outcome.  And because of that, we become more accountable towards ourselves and our actions.

It’s important to remember that just like mastering any skill, repetition and consistency are required. But once mastered, you’ve developed a new mindset around what’s good for you.

Choose one or all of the affirmations below and repeat them enough until you’ve memorized them. When faced with adversity or at a crossroads in life, give yourself some breathing room and repeat these statements to yourself.

  1. I focus on the good. So the good gets better.
  2. I choose me.
  3. I am my biggest commitment.
  4. I am my own best friend.
  5. I have all the power I need to make it happen.
  6. I look out for myself.
  7. I am a priority in my life.
  8. I live with intention.
  9. I choose my health over anything else.
  10. I trust the process.
  11. I write my life story.
  12. I accept the whole of me.
  13. I am free from external pressures.
  14. I am free from false expectations.
  15. I am free to choose what’s best for me.
  16. I am free to do what’s best for me.
  17. I fuel my body with the most premium fuel.
  18. I honor my intuition when I’m rested and well-nourished.
  19. I pay attention to my well-being.
  20. I am loved. I am love. I am focused. I am wisdom. I am healthy. I am happy. I am protected. I am divinely guided. I am empowered. I am clear-minded. I am uplifted.

It’s time to shift the focus from what’s wrong with you, to what’s right with you, and what’s right for you.

Let’s inspire your pursuit of the life you deserve to live.

30-Minutes is all that’s needed to begin your journey.