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Who Needs A Life Coach Anyway…

I never knew there was such a person that I could go to for guidance who would give me unbiased, objective and wise advice.

I never knew there was such a person that I could go to for guidance who would give me unbiased, objective and wise advice. My friends and family have always been understanding and looked out for me. But how did I know that their perception and understanding of my situation wasn’t based on their personal experiences and understanding of life? When I asked them to describe me, I realized that they only knew a part of me and their opinion was highly subjective. Then there was the therapist. Well, we talked; mostly I talked, and he listened. He was an amazing sounding board. Asked me questions and relied on my answers to collect “facts and data” to make a diagnosis. The whole process exhausted me. I began to observe others, who seemed to have hit rock bottom and those who were just a tad bit lost. Neither party walked away with a forward-moving plan, or daily life management techniques. Everything was “caused” by an event, a person, or a circumstance outside of our control. Ok! But what now?! What if I want to learn about what’s right with me instead of what’s wrong with me?? What if I want to move on and make the next chapter better than the last one?

People that seek a life coach are:

  • Those who have found the courage to question their own ‘truths’ and are willing to evaluate their consciousness and reality to create a better one.
  • They are bold enough to ask what, why and how?
  • They refuse to remain attached to their past story and simply want to use it as a means of transportation and transformation.
  • They will not accept their limitations nor stay content with anything out of alignment with their soul.
  • They want to better every aspect of their life, starting with self.
  • They’re more interested in discovery than diagnosis.
  • They’re seekers. They realize it’s about asking better questions rather than arriving at concrete answers.
  • They see life as a puzzle to be solved, a playground for exploration.
  • They want a sounding board that plays a different tune, one that provides them with understanding, clarity, light, love, and hope. Ultimately, the energy to move onward & upward.

It’s time to shift the focus from what’s wrong with you, to what’s right with you, and what’s right for you.

Let’s inspire your pursuit of the life you deserve to live.

30-Minutes is all that’s needed to begin your journey.