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Know Thyself…..from a broader and more comprehensive perspective, so you can make better decisions and live a happier, healthier, and more fulfilling life.

As you know, your life is heavily impacted by your relationships; be it with self, friends, your partner, colleagues, or family members. When they are compromised, the effect weighs on you and makes it more challenging to be productive.  Through a measurable and comprehensive assessment, you can gain the knowledge and perspective you need to make tremendous improvements in all areas of your life. But let’s start with the SELF first. 

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Haleh Gianni

Welcome to 505 Living. It is my pleasure to introduce you to a unique body of knowledge that will enhance each and every one of your relationships, starting with your self-relationship. This is a proactive, productive and practical way to see yourself in a different light and identify what’s right with you and what’s right for you. Together, we discover the role that individuality plays in how we relate, connect and communicate with each other. The results produce more fulfilling, stronger and supportive relationships that benefit the whole.

Advanced Human Assessment Technology

The ULT Technology®

The Ultimate Life Tool is an advanced human assessment that is grounded in science and based on nature. It’s a powerful instrument that assists in identifying authentic behavioral attributes, and personal perception influencing performance in life. It distills motivational, communication, and interest analysis into one single evaluation; providing a

multidimensional and comprehensive analysis of human nature.

In brief, The ULT Assessment addresses five categories:

Traits: An individual’s natural capabilities and potential which provide a unique insight into
the most suitable activities, opportunities, and responsibilities leading to successful outcomes.

Motivation: What “drives” a person, or motivates them to do the things they do and how these can get “fed” or honored so they can accomplish their goals and create fulfillment.

Boundaries: Reveals the level of personal preferences and range of tolerance in people, places, and things. This category identifies best-suited environments for the individual.

Communication Styles: Ways in which an individual processes information; best relates, communicates and connects with others.

Perception: Identifies how one perceives life. It’s the individual’s personal approach to
finding what is “working” or “not working” in business and life.

All coaching sessions for personal growth, conflict resolution, relationship compatibility, and team building, will be based on the results of the assessment.  To participate in the assessment and book a consultation call, please contact us.

The 505 Mind

A 30-Day Intensive to Enrich Your Life and Upgrade Your Mindset

With Daily Instructions, Affirmations, and Exercises

Personal Coaching

Self Improvement

Increase your enthusiasm and energy. Move toward life enhancing experiences. Make decisions that suit you best. Create a meaningful and high quality lifestyle. Learn about what makes your heart sing and what to do with it. Let go of external expectations and feed what truly motivates you.  

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Identify what works and doesn’t work in your relationships, from a different perspective. Learn about the role your personal preferences and boundaries play in your relationships. Make conscious and aware choices on whether to embark or disembark. Replace false expectations with clear standards.

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Compatibility Assessment

Experience a visual display of similarities and differences in personal dispositions. Gain a new insight on why you and others do what they do, the way they do them. Cultivate a newfound respect for each other’s differences. Develop a space where differences can breathe and benefit the whole.

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Conflict Resolution

Overcome disagreements, judgments, and misunderstandings by assessing the clarity of thought and space of all parties involved. Reach a destination where neutrality is achieved and the right action is taken to achieve the desired outcome.

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Business Coaching

Hiring & Talent Evaluation

Identify and make the most suitable hire for the job and the team based on the results of The ULT Assessment.  Analyze the compatibility of the candidate in comparison to your company culture and mode of operation. Increase your employee retention rate.

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Team Building

Create teams of talents that naturally compliment one another based on the differences and similarities of each individual. Increase the supportiveness and cohesiveness of the team. Develop a plan and a strategy to ensure the integrity and clarity of the team remains intact.

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Performance Improvement

Improve the flow of productivity and quality of work. Maintain energy and motivation level in the workplace. Set goals that bring out the best in your team. Identify areas of incompatibility and develop the right strategy that will create a win-win for everyone.  

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Executive Coaching

Receive a comprehensive report and training to understand the natural traits, motivation, boundaries and communication styles of each employee and the executive team. Enhance the management methodologies to make better choices on roles and responsibilities that naturally suit each individual.

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what other people think of our method
  • “I have been working with Haleh for about a year and it’s been exhilarating and life changing! Initially, I went for reasons regarding love, and it has broadened to so much more.”

    Jennifer R.
  • “What Haleh did for my marriage in just a couple of months, we were not able to achieve with years of counseling. She identifies the issues AND gives you the tools that you need to make the changes. Sessions are not just talking about everything that’s wrong, but they also provide insight to who you are and how you work which allows you to make the growth that you need in order to navigate your personal life and relationships.”

    Esther B.
  • “Haleh explains things clearly, connects you to helpful resources, and provides you with action steps to break self defeating patterns and enhance your individual strengths. She truly teaches you that there’s nothing wrong with you. I am a better person for knowing her and recommend her to anyone looking to truly upgrade their life!”

    Kelly W.
  • “Haleh’s practical wisdom combined with her deep expertise with the ULT tool is a powerful combination for anyone in life/work transitions! I’ve consulted with her, as well as referred clients. The information and advice she provides is always right on target and immediately useful.”

    Vasi H.
  • “She’s been a tremendous help throughout life’s ups and downs. She has a wonderful way of putting things all in perspective. Having a Life Coach has helped me understand and appreciate myself and others, more so than ever before.”

    Tara Y.
  • “Haleh helped me to understand my new assistant and how we can work together in an optimal way. She consulted with us on how we can work together in a way that maximizes our productivity by recognizing our individual unique characteristics and traits. I found her entire process educational, worthwhile and very useful.”

    Brian C.
  • “Haleh’s commitment to her clients is unsurpassed. Her ability to focus on the big picture (while not ignoring important details) and anticipate future issues is strong.
    I would recommend any one looking for direction or just a genuine person talk should contact 505 Living!”

    Roger S.
  • “Since the assessment and one on one with Haleh my awareness I have about myself and how I approach my relationships is forever changed. Once you know how to feed yourself, you can be your most vibrant and productive self.”

    Tobi F.
  • “The detailed report from the ULT Assessment has provided valuable information while assisting our employment-seeking candidates to determine the most suitable job and career. Haleh’s insight in natural traits and capabilities of an individual has been very helpful in preparing candidates for the workforce.”

    Susi K.
  • “I don’t always feel comfortable talking with people about my life and business, however something about the way Haleh talks and presents herself really makes me feel comfortable. She is poised, professional and most importantly I truly believe that she is in this business for the right reason: to help people achieve their goals. I strongly recommend 505 Living.”

    Mallory K.
  • “She is a fabulous representative of this course! Her delivery and presentation were very personable and entertaining. She held my attention throughout the entire evening and I feel that I learned a lot based on her ability to deliver the material in an “easy to understand” fashion.”

    Cynthia H.
  • “I was blown away by how meaningful my assessment and session with Haleh was. I had never used this approach to learning about myself before, but I am definitely glad that I gave myself a chance to embrace it. I couldn’t believe how much I learned in such a short period of time.”

    Chris Y.
  • “She offers invaluable perspectives to those she counsels and coaches. These insights and perspectives would normally take numerous assessment tools along with extensive coaching and therapy to uncover. Haleh is uniquely qualified to provide great value to those fortunate enough to seek her out.”

    Charles R.
  • “Haleh has been such a positive influence in my life for the 2 years. The fact that Haleh uses this amazing assessment only adds to the value that she offers as a highly intuitive, wise, and caring person and coach. Haleh truly “walks her talk” and lives what she teaches. Working with Haleh was one of the best investments I made in my life, and I cannot recommend her enough!”

    Courtney G.
  • “Haleh is a true inspiration! I was introduced to her by someone who swore by her business coaching services. He said it had changed his business and behavior for the better rather quickly. She does not judge, is relatable and open. She is now working with someone very close to me and to see the improvement so quickly only reiterates what I know in that I chose the best coach to be my coach and teacher!”

    Lara S.
  • “I can hardly put into words the positive impact that her insight and presence has made on my life. Hands down, with zero doubt in my mind, I would not be at such an elevated place in my life if it were not for Haleh.”

    Aubree H.
  • “I found Haleh and 505 Living at a critical point in my life – without her calming force and insight through the Ultimate Life Tool technology I honestly don’t think I could have managed to get through a very challenging time in my life as well as I did.”

    Monica G.