Are you single and giving online dating a try? Are you wondering if the right person might be a click away? Or are you just ready to give up altogether?
This event is perfect for you then.


Online dating no longer has a negative stigma attached to it. More and more people are flooding the online apps in hopes of meeting their ideal partner. We jump in hopeful and somewhat hesitant, but the initial enthusiasm is short-lived. It doesn’t take long for frustration and letdowns to creep in. To be successful at online dating, you must realize the multifaceted aspects of the process. It’s the mindset, the profile you create, the way you assess other profiles, your conversation, and finally the offline meetings. In this workshop, we will address the problems, the solutions and ideas to improve your overall experience.

It’s an informal and informative workshop and a perfect place to meet other local singles.

This is an 18+ event. All genders are welcomed.

The benefits:
1. Create an online presence that reflects who you are and what you’re looking for while standing out.
2. Learn to crack the codes of online dating games and traps.
3. Save a ton of time and energy that would otherwise be lost on pointless dialogues.
4. Identify the right potential beyond their measure of cuteness.
6. Get better at self-assessing and self-monitoring.
7. Build more confidence around what you want and learn how to stay true to your standards.

This is a once a year event valued at $997. There is no obligation to any further purchases. Your ticket is $99 ONLY.

By attending this workshop, you will experience a cutting-edge behavior assessment tool, The ULT, that will change the way you look at yourself and others. The code to take the test will be sent to you in an email after your registration. This is a one-time Free offer valued at $150. NOTE: Your results are confidential. We will email your report before the date of the event.

PS. The Location will be announced by May 1st.

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