Is it possible? Yes, it is.

Is it attainable? Yes, it is.

Is it sustainable? Yes, it is.

Nature is filled with polarities expressed in total opposites. Yet, it maintains a perfect balance.

Night & Day, Light & Dark, Up & Down, Positive & Negative, Hot & Cold, Sunset & Sunrise are just a few examples.

They do not compete to throw out the other of its power. They exist to make life possible.

We are an extension of nature, naturally forced to abide by its laws whether we like it to not, agree, or disagree.

In addition to the laws governed by Mother Nature and Father Time, we also follow a moral compass that guides us through nature’s dualities. We do that to better our experience while we have the privilege of being alive.

This moral compass doesn’t always point in the same direction for every human. That’s what makes things confusing and causes people to collide and disrupt the balance.

Perhaps, we have misunderstood the glaring signs that nature has been flashing before our eyes. Perhaps, we mistakenly used our awareness of opposites within characters, values, creed, beliefs, and moral compasses and decided that we must compete or conquer.

Basically, doing the exact opposite of what Mother Nature does.

Today, we continue our ancestor’s legacy; the instinctive desire to win over the opposing party. The good news is that we have evolved, and the quality of what we fight for has naturally risen. However, the way we cling on and allow ourselves to be filled with rage and blinded by the piercing beams of “wrongdoings” causes us an immeasurable amount of stress, anxiety, depressions, and anger, all of which contribute to making poor decisions in our personal lives. It doesn’t have to be like this though.

  • Is it possible that we can be a more unified species working in harmony with one another?
  • Is it possible to adjust our own navigation system so it can point us to the calm seas?
  • Is it possible to live a better life, not because you put all your hopes in the power of one person or one group of people?
  • Is it possible to love despite polarized opinions?
  • Is it possible to add value to others’ lives, realizing that everyone is an extension of you?
  • Is it possible to live with integrity and honor, showing respect to the nature of life itself?
  • Is it possible to accept those you may have dismissed worthy of your attention?

Today marks another human-made hallmark in our history. Today, the democratic nation of the United States of America is choosing its President. Today can also be the day we get to decide how we want to conduct ourselves moving forward. Separation leads to our demise. Inclusion and acceptance are the only way we make life possible.

Let today be the day you are woken. Let today mark the day you free yourself of anything that puts the rest of the planet in harm. Let today be the beginning of the rest of your life.

Choose Love. Choose Integrity. Choose ALL. We’re all in this together.

 Happily Ever After Can Happen When We Unite To Make Life Happy For All of Us.

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