It is incredibly liberating, empowering, uplifting and intriguing to know that we all have an ‘operating manual’ that offers a set of fundamental structures as to what we are and what we must pay attention to in order to function as well-fueled machines. In our defense, no one has handed us this set of operating structures when entering the real world. We spend a lifetime investing money, energy, and time in search of meaning and purpose. Although this journey is a noble one that defines being human, we must also keep our eyes and ears open to recognize our unique intricacies and what they mean in everyday life.

When I met Dr. Zannah Hackett for the first time and sat in the audience among other seekers, I was floored by the depth of her message. I was hearing something new, something that finally brought the pieces of the puzzle of life together for me! I thought to myself, “you’re telling me that each human being,  just like animals and plants has his and her unique set of needs and capabilities? That our behavior stems from a place way deeper than our past and upbringing?”. The more I listened and learned the more I wanted to immerse myself in this body of knowledge so I too could share it with the world. Today, as a certified trainer in The Knowledge of Y.O.U. (an acronym that stands for Your Own Understanding) and The ULT Technology, I offer visibility into individualized complexities without the guessing game or subjective analysis of thoughts. Therefore, providing insight into why you do, what you do the way you do it.

Today, one of the most frequently asked questions about The ULT technology is, “why do I need to take the assessment test every three to six months?” The answer is simple. You are alive. You are living, growing, adjusting and changing every day. Collectively, all the circumstances and experiences are constantly impacting your motivation, tolerance level, communication, and the energy needed to get things done.
As human beings, we are by-products of Nature manifest. The elements or characteristics that define nature also define us. This means that we too can change just as a result of the seasons changing. Most of us behave differently in the Winter than we do in the Spring. Many of us blossom and have more energy and are more colorful in our presentation of self. Some of us don’t bloom but remain very consistent like a fern. Meaning, they are equally as beautiful but more predictable in Nature or natural appearance.
Life also deals us the unexpected. We get married, get pregnant, start a new job, move, fall ill, get injured, experience the loss of a loved one, divorce, wrestle with teens in crisis, go to war, win the lottery, and the list goes on. All of these will impact how much energy you have and how you tolerate others. Often we lose so much energy trying to do life that we become clinically depressed. Movement in this direction will show up when you retake the test. Being able to address the changes early on spares you from future decline. It keeps you on the road and headed in a direction that is healing and favorable for recovery.
Sometimes we need to check in with ourselves more often than the advised timeframe. If you have experienced a major trauma, then it is essential to take retake the assessment so we can immediately evaluate how you are managing the change before it derails you. Situations like the above mentioned such as infidelity, loss of a loved one or public humiliation will necessitate a re-evaluation even if only days have passed since the last test.
We are like vehicles transporting our thoughts around in this lifetime. Life’s upsets can be a human fender bender or total you. Keep in mind, the ULT test only takes 10 minutes. Ten minutes can put you back on the road and headed in the right direction. Reviewing your results with a certified ULT expert can change your life from chaos to calm.