To maintain a competitive edge and achieve business objectives, HR and Talent Management entities are confronted with various methodologies and processes for assessing skill sets and behavior. These programs are intended for conflict resolution, leadership development, raising morale, stress management and increasing the bottom-line. When it comes to fulfilling their goal, these programs are very helpful to the growth of an organization but without addressing the nature of each employee their long lasting effect is not very likely.

There are 1000+ Human Assessments and psychometric tools available in the market today. Although some have provided great value, their impact fades after a short life spam and employees are left to tackle the same issues. Those that maintain their impact and assist in cultivating respect for individual differences are the ones that take into account the underlying variables that compromise performance, delivery, and productivity.

Identifying the true nature of each employee and what they need to fuel their desire to perform is but a small piece of this puzzle. When one’s personality is evaluated and subjectively compartmentalized, their expressions of what they require to thrive can easily get masked and neglected. More and more companies are looking into conscious leadership based on a multidimensional and comprehensive way of understanding their greatest assets, their employees. With this approach they can answer all their WHY questions and offer solutions based on the forecasted interfaces that are likely to occur.

Employee Talent Management – 505 Living

When we take into account our nature, we are addressing the motivating force behind why we do the things we do, how we do them and the way in which we do them. This isn’t the force designed and directed only at the world place. It expands the professional boundaries and into one’s personal life. The same applies to the change in behavior when an employee arrives at work already beat up by life. What we need in order to operate from our strength and feel respected requires an objective language that allows the personnel to feel seen and utilize their natural talents in ways that benefit the overall goal of the organization.

When employees feel understood, and respected their willingness and enthusiasm to contribute to the betterment of the whole leaves a profound impact on the overall health of the company.