As soon as the holiday season rolls around, we inundate social media with ‘Happy Holidays’ and ‘Be Grateful’ messages. But rarely do we discuss the other side of the truth; the Holiday Jitters.
The “I’m getting nervous” feeling is widespread among most Americans going into the holiday season, starting around Thanksgiving. It is exciting and joyful to get together with family, but it can be nerve-racking to answer their questions and perhaps rehash some of the left-over family drama.

Below are 7 suggestions to help you have Peaceful, Loving and Happy Holidays.


1) Let go of Expectations and the need for Perfection:  It is very common to have expectations of people and become attached to a perfect outcome. But that can only drain you and set you up for unnecessary frustration. Have an “I’ll do my best, and I’m ok with that” mindset.

2) Observe, Not Absorb: Watch everyone around you through an objective lens. No judgment. Let their criticism or opinion slide off of you. Taking on other people’s negativity can cloud your perception.

3) Humar is Healing. Laugh and make others laugh. No one can ever stay mad when laughing. It reduces stress and releases endorphins, the body’s natural feel-good chemical. Look for the humor in everything.

4) Stay Focused on Positive Conversations and Activities. Engage in discussions that are joyful by nature. Share inspiring stories about kindness, and happiness.

5) Feel Free to Pivot when Necessary. Do it gracefully and respectfully, but do pivot when the energy starts to shift in the negative direction. You have the power to filter the air and bring new oxygen in the room.

6) Keep in Mind the Uniqueness of Everyone Around You. Every single person you know, regardless of how close or distant, is processing life in their own way. No two people are exactly alike. So when listening to others, take into account the fundamental differences between you and them. When we let go of trying to turn each other into one another, we live lighter and happier.

7) Remember How Precious Life Is. This moment is passing. An hour from now, this very experience will be part of your past. The people around you are not guaranteed to be around forever. Embrace the present and their presence.

Namaste…..You are now ready and prepared to have a peaceful, and grateful Holiday Season.

Haleh Gianni