Business people communicatingDid you know that we are the only species on the planet that cannot see itself? Pretty bold statement, isn’t it? When we look at the trees and flowers at our local nursery or animals in a zoo, we can tell you what they are. What is even more important is that we understand the nature of these living things better than we understand our SELF much less our children, co-workers and friends. Sure we know things about them, their nationality and perhaps even their likes and dislikes but we don’t know how nature shows up in them and what that is likely to produce in terms of behavior. All of our human assumptions are based on reasoning influenced by socially imposed beliefs and subjective wisdom.

 The reality is The Answer lies in the obvious. We know when we look at a cactus that it is not going to grow well in the snow or produce shade for protection in the summer. We know that when we see a lion at the zoo, that he is not likely going to meow. What do you know by looking at yourself? Do you do well in cold climates? Some of us do and some of us don’t. How about tolerance? How about attention? Do you need a lot of it or do you prefer seclusion? Understanding nature in all its infinite detail affords us the ability to know exactly what to expect from our cohabitants by simply looking at them.

Authored by Dr. Zannah Hackett