How Well Do You Maintain The Integrity Of Your Relationships?!

We are living in a society of choices, variety, distractions and adventure. Everyday, a new technology, an updated operating system, even a new version of a car we drive hits the market. We upgrade to keep up with the demands of life. We stay informed to advance and maintain the edge! But interestingly enough, when it comes to our relationships be it at home, in business and in life, we expect them to come in PERFECT & stay PERFECT. The alarm goes off when that ‘Check Engine’ light of our Relationship begins to flash in front our face. The engine doesn’t choke up over night. It’s the result of a neglected part that triggers the flashing light! We often hear the phrase “Relationships are hard work” and believe that we either put in the work or they’re doomed. The problem is that we get caught up in addressing the ‘effect’ similar to trying to push a broken-down car uphill. Relationships are effortless once all the different parts that move them forward are operating authentically. This is not some idealistic way of thinking, it’s a FACT and It Works! Relationships were not intended to be hard work but instead they are meant to be EFFORTLESS!

The good news is that nature presents us many opportunities to revive, reignite and resuscitate our relationships. The key is to recognize when to take ACTION! Just as much as Mother Nature supports our growth, Father Time keeps us aware of our existence & changes we go through. Take Advantage of every opportunity to become aware of yourself and people you have relationships with both in the Professional & Personal arenas of life.

* Every unhealthy relationship has the potential to become fulfilling.
* Every misunderstood conversation has the potential to create clarity.
* Every disagreement has the potential to unveil new understanding.

I’ve always been fascinated with how it is that certain relationships ride the journey of life so much smoother than others. The feedback I’ve gotten have been pretty scattered across the board and range from compromise & hard work to not taking things too seriously. Does that work for everyone or even cover all the answers? Surely not. But what if the answer is in SEEING each other through a different lens! What if you didn’t have to compromise or brush things off? What if you could get the answers you’ve been asking for all along……

By taking the ULT Assessment, you are given your Own Operating Manual and through the process learn about other. You can take the test RIGHT NOW, from wherever YOU ARE!
Your Operating Manual becomes very handy when you need to identify why you’re getting stuck in the mud puddle, run on flat tires, and accumulate dust as you go! This is called Life and we owe it to ourselves to periodically get a tune-up and a detail job! Don’t wait till its too late…