The Science of Our Physical Traits: Influencing How We Connect

San Diego, CA (December 1, 2017) —  Our physicality holds great significance in revealing why we do what we do and how we do them. Every single physical attribute in an individual offers information about what motivates them, the kind of environment they can thrive in and how they best connect and communicate. This, in turn, provides valuable information about one’s best-suited profession and potential partner in life, according to Haleh Gianni. She is a certified practitioner and trainer in The Ultimate Life Tool aka The ULT Assessment at The Y.O.U. Institute headquartered in Encinitas, CA.

“The ULT Technology is a patented Human Assessment Tool,” Gianni said. “When it comes to identifying authentic capabilities, motivational and behavioral evaluation, this instrument stands apart from its counterparts in that it is objective and multidimensional. It is grounded in science and based on natural laws governing everything in nature. When, two people, meet for the first time before they even say a word to each other, there’s either an electromagnetic attraction or repulsion taking place between them. The ULT can forecast the success of the relationship based on the science of individual nature.
She states the assessment technology is based on a knowledge approved by The California State Board of Behavioral Sciences, The International Coach Federations, and The State Board of Registered Nursing. “It was developed over 18 years of research and has received its patent rights in 2013,” Gianni said. “This advanced, cutting-edge technology has changed the way we understand ourselves and others, increasing the potential for fulfilling and happy relationships at home and beyond.”

For example, some people by nature have a more active disposition while others are passive. Some thrive by being on stage and receive constant praise where others are behind-the-scenes performers. Some of us by nature require midday naps to recharge while this is not a requirement for others. According to Gianni, “there are many examples and combination. And just like there are no two leafs alike on this planet, there are no two people exactly alike.”

So what does this mean for singles and couples? “We can give people a tool that can help them make intelligent choices about their emotional investments. ,” Gianni said.

“ Unfortunately, our understanding of ourselves and each other has become distorted by everyday subscriptions to quick-fixes and mass-generated solutions neglecting our unique representation and the meaning behind it,” Gianni said.

Gianni, who is also a speaker, life coach, and an executive coach, uses The ULT Technology with her clients.  “You can use this understanding to identify the right partner for marriage and to maintain a level of respect for individual differences. It is a tool that gives online dating a whole new experience, one that saves people a lot of time, money and energy,” she said.

The ULT Technology consists of a 10-minute online assessment followed by a 7–10 page report that covers five categories: traits, motivation, boundaries, communication, and perception.

“This is an advanced system that distills motivational, behavioral and interest evaluation which provides a comprehensive analysis thus reducing the need for multiple assessments,” Gianni said.

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