I look around and see so many relationships starving for attention and rejuvenation; never fully experiencing their potential to create loving and respectful experiences. We’ve become accustomed to the perpetual fixation of what love should be like and find ourselves more often than other missing the point! We swing from rapture to disappointment from one playground to another. At some point we even believe that relationships are hard work and we’ll only make it if we sacrifice, compromise or even compartmentalize.

Loving & Love thrive on understanding, compassion, nurturing, forgiveness, individuality, authenticity, and the joy of being adored. Trust, respect, honesty, security, stability will naturally follow once the former is consistently present.
My personal journey in life led me to a wisdom that made this a reality for me; in a way that I can also share it with the world. The Knowledge of Y.O.U. (acronym for Your Own Understanding) has allowed me to objectively; without opinion, judgement, or statical analysis, come to understand myself and every individual I come in contact with. Why is it so important to understand? Well, first; so you can identify why you do what you do, the way you do them. Second, to know the kind of people, opportunities, and circumstances you should surround yourself with in order to feel happy, energized, and recharged.

I am very happy to be able to help couples, singles and even people that work together see beyond what they currently know or not know of themselves and others. When the weight of misunderstanding is taken off the relationships, we can breathe again. This is why I do what I do….with so much pleasure and gratitude!

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